bell & head Ledercover rush in schwarz/grau für Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Backcover rush black/grey

Our Backcover rush in black/grey for Samsung Galaxy S 6 has an excellent fit.

The outer face is made of fine genuine leather, the inner face is made of soft polycarbonate. The Smartphone Case protects well against damage.
The good workmanship, the 2tone leather in black/grey and the particular print on the inner face are special features of the model rush”.

Designed and developed in Germany.

The offer applies only to the Smartphone Case / Smartphone Cover.
The smartphone, the decoration and the bills are NOT included.

bell & head cellphone cover rush in black/grey for Samsung Galaxy S6

Model: rush
bell & head
Type: Backcover
Suitable for: Samsung Galaxy S6
Weight: 21 g
Measurements: 14,5 cm x 7,4 cm x 1,1 cm
Support material shell: Polycarbonate
Outer material: Leather
Inner material shell: Polyurethane
Color: black/grey

Scope of delivery

The offer applies only to the Smartphone Case / Smartphone Cover.
The smartphone, the decoration and the bills are NOT included.

Packaging and shipment

Our Bell & Head Smartphone Cases are delivered in an exclusive and elaborate packaging. You can be curious about it!
Our products are shipped as a single package in a a large padded envelope via DHL.
For details about the available shipping countries and shipping costs, please refer to the respective sales platform (amazon, ebay, online store, etc.).

Our leather

For the cover of our bags and cases we only use high-quality genuine leather!
You can see it, you can feel it and smell it.
However, please bear in mind that genuine leather is a natural product and may be different to another piece of leather.
By using this high-quality and exclusive material your bag is always absolutely unique... so unique as you are!

The embossing

Our typical b & h logo is embossed on each bell & Case head or cover.
Subtly but stylish it refines your phone cover on distinctive way.



The bell & head Logo

The smartphone cases and smartphone covers of our Series "jump" are equipped in addition to the embossed b & h-Logo on the back with a sleek aluminum-print logo on the front flap. The logo is cut from a thin aluminum plate with precision laser and then enclosed into a 100% accurately fitting recess on the flap of the smartphone case. The result is sensational.
Without bulk and without the possibility of abrasion, the bell & head logo looks like on the first day - even after many weeks and months of use.



Preise inkl. 19% MwSt. inkl. Versandkosten innerhalb Deutschlands.